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mMaps Tutorial
   Create a new layer file(.shp)    To open a layer file(.tab or .shp)  
   Add a layer(.tab or .shp)    To add more data to table  
   To add a rectangular grid layer    View TOC (Layer Control)  
   View Legend    Zoom to full extent of the current map window  
   Pan Tool    Info tool to get information of the selection  
   Feature Information of a line element    Feature information of a circular selection  
   Selection by Point    Selection by Rectangle  
   Clear Selection    Zoom to Selected Area  
   To view Layer information    To merge two layers  
   Represents Thematic Settings    Get direction about a particular layer  
   Measure distance and area    Start Editing a Layer  
   Stop Editing a Layer    BCCH, SC & BSIC search  
   To search for previous BCCH    To search for next BCCH  
   To open any link fed in table for site data    Visualize table for TA report GSM Network  
   To add default layer for editing    Import neighbour  
   To visualize neighbour data    To add neighbour  
   To delete neighbour    Edit/Modify neighbour data  
   Selected cll neighbour export    All cell neighbour export  
   Log of all editing done in project    To display Google maps  
   To draw Circles    To draw new lines  
   To draw rectangles for default layer    To draw new polygon  
   Combine and Rotate    To modify/edit polygon shapes  
   Add new node in polygon    Delete existing node in polygon  
   Save polygon after editing    Refresh the map window  
   Label properties    Open attributes  
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